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A smoke signal is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication. It’s a form of visual communication that is used over long distances, usually as far as the eye can see. North American Indians had a vast array of understanding using this complex signaling system. Each tribe has its own signaling system and meaning. How it was done, was a signaler started a fire using damp grass which would cause a column of smoke to rise. The smoke location was very important, for instance if it came halfway up the hill, it would signify all was well, but if it was on top of the hill, it would mean immediate danger. You see, I believe that sometimes The Creator talks to us this way.  He is signaling for our attention. But, do we see it? Most of the time we are too busy, or we ask for a sign and look elsewhere. Sometimes we didn’t ask at all, but our focus was in the wrong direction or perhaps our eyes are looking for it to come in a different shape and we miss it all together. Pay close attention to whats around you, you just never know what might be your next Smoke Signal.


Koosah Falls. The word Koosah is a Chinook word meaning “sky”.


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I never saw a discontented tree.  They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do.  They go wandering forth in all directions with every wind, going and coming like ourselves, traveling with us around the sun two million miles a day, and through space heaven knows how fast and far!  ~John Muir

Trees are like love.  There is more substance underneath which runs deep, than that which is on the surface.  For trees, the roots are the foundation of its existence, similarly with love, there is far more substantial matter below the surface than what is actually visible.  Along this journey of life somewhere, a seed is planted, blowing in on the wings of the wind. Some of these seeds take significant time, others take little, but each one is different, whichever the case it needs soil, nourishment, water, sun and time.  Just like love; without nourishment, the right foundation and a vital life force, it can not survive, no matter how great it started out or how well intended the intentions are. However, in the right soil, the seed flourishes. It sprouts and grows into a beautiful sapling which will then turn into a mature evergreen for the roots to hold up the mass through the trials of weather and storms that it will endure during its lifetime. Love needs just the same to survive, to be able to absorb the nutrients from its surroundings.  If left unattended it will surely die.  It can not walk, or live without help, it needs others to exist.

May we all learn more from our conifer friends, and may the roots of your love blossom and prosper into a beautiful tree…

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“The birth of Inception”

Kuge was a timid boy, not yet the age of fourteen. Had dark olive skin, dark round eyes and was a little skinny for his frame. He always wore buckskin leggings with fringe, a breechcloth, and beaded moccasins. A long dark cotton sleeve shirt that had three buttons sat behind a beaded necklace with a medicine pouch of sage that hung down to the middle of this chest. His long black hair dancing in the wind with a brightly blue feather and a red piece of clothe wrapped around his forehead. His face radiated a brazen glare, while offering the innocent life of his youth.

His lengthy body sat down by the river under the shade of an old tree that planted half its size out of the bank. Sitting down, he set his moccasins aside and put his undersized feet in the water. The cold temperature shocked his skin but then strangely made him feel good. He lay back on the grass as it comforted him. Before long, he began to drift off…

The next thing he remembered was, visions streaming through the branches of the oak tree. The yellow summer sun trickled through the cracks of the new foliage growth offering life wherever it touched. It breathes, it moves, its alive. He pauses to see if this essence has a name, or would establish itself but it doesn’t speak. The leaves rustled as the southern wind blew in the gentle breeze, while the branches dance releasing the golden summer rays. His skin rose as the light seeped into his soul. “Breath” it said. Kuge startled as he opened his eyes, straining to scan where the voice was coming from, but couldn’t find the source. “Soak it in” The voice said again. He sat up and looked around a second time, a little bit more anxious than before, but still not finding it. Then as he gave up looking, and started to shift his weight back down, he felt a touch on his shoulder that shook him to his inner core.

He didn’t want to look to see what touched him, so he froze; but as curiosity got the best of him, he had to see what it was. He gasped as he realized it was a branch of the oak. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, but to his surprise it was still there. He lifted his right hand towards the end of the sapling and laid his hand on the part touching his shoulder. Immediately when they converged, the sapling spoke.

“Elon” the tree said in a deep-seated tone. “My name is Elon.” 

He just stared at the tree. Not knowing where to look, or where the point of the voice was coming from. However, Kuge peculiarly had the sense that it knew more of him than he cared for it to know. As he stood up he asked,

 “What do you want from me?” Kuge asked with an unsettling feeling and a little quiver.

  Elon said in a cool calm voice, and peculiarly eerie, “You. I am here for you.”

  “What do you mean here for me?” Asked Kuge.

“I am here because of you. I am alive because of you. I grew because of you.”

Kuge’s mind started to race, and his heart started to pound faster.

What do you mean because of me?” He asked again.

Deflecting Kuge’s question, Elon shot back. “I want to invite you to stand on the rock.”

  “Wait a second, who sent you and what do you want? And what is this rock you talk about?”

    Elon spoke louder “I was never sent, I just was… and if you want to learn; some things can’t be answered, nor have a ready reply. If you wish to continue, it is your choice. But only you have the power to decide.”

Kuge shuffled his posture, stepped back, and waited a few seconds. His mind scurried in all different directions analyzing the magnitude of Elon’s proposal.

    After a few more tense seconds, Kuge added, “Well OK, fine….but where is this rock and if I get there, how will I know I am there and what do I do?”

  “ Breathe my son, if you accept this journey you need to relax, nothing comes in a hurry. You must let your mind be at ease. ­­The rock overlooks the valley, on the high place known as Da’abi.” As Elon points to the North and says ” Where the cleansing winds come from. When you get there, you will know.”

Kuge’s heart leaped at the idea of an adventure yet was scared of the unknown. Elon reached out his branch and nudged Kuge in the right direction. When the last leaf began to fall off Kuge shoulder, a chill ran down his spine.

Kuge stood there a moment longer, let out a sheepish sigh, turned one last time to Elon and gave a unsure half smile. He knew he could do it and he knew that he had it in him, but what he didn’t know, was what scared him.

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