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Sometimes in life we need to pull ourselves up by our boot straps, suck it up, and keep truckin.  Life can deal us all sorts of hands and with that there can be an occasional ugly hand in there; but its in these times that we need to keep moving forward, no matter at what pace, just as long as its forward.  I learned something today from a bug.  Yep a little old boxelder bug.  He caught my eye, circling the top of the lamp.  Every few seconds I would see him pass. I couldn’t resist, and so I filmed him.  Completely oblivious to the world around him, he had a one track mind, the light was all he saw. I thought it was a marvelous site, a bug that knew what he wanted and was going to stop at nothing in achieving it.  He needed the light and circling the warmth is what he got.  As long as he had the light he was content.  He circled and circled just by putting his legs in front of the others.  I am sure many have heard the saying “Life isn’t a race, it’s a marathon”  many times before, but for me, this sight especially rang true in that.  Although, I would also like to add, that the marathon would be much better with a little perspective.  Life will always be more enjoyable if we look at it as something that was given, as in a gift, and not deserved. Life is truly what you make of it, it’s totally up to you.  Will you run life as a race, or will you keep on keepin on towards the warmth…. May this Holiday Season bring all of us the perspective of warmth.  Happy Holidays to you all!

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It’s strange how, sometimes when we are in a hurry for things they seem to last longer. Ever notice when you’re late for work and you hit all the red lights? But when your never in a hurry it goes so smooth and you always seem to manage to time them just right and glide past with every green?  Waiting defiantly has its pros and cons.  It makes people learn critical lessons, such as patience, diligence, honor, accountability, or humility.  Waiting is a true virtue.  Most things never need to be done in haste.  Even if we could hold our tongues ten seconds longer before we speak, we would save a lot of regret or heartache. I for one, need to learn more on not just going with the first thought or desire after making up my mind. It could only help me to just sit, relax and ponder a little more before I jump in or choose.

It wouldn’t kill us at all to hold our heads high, point our heads up and hold on a little longer….

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Attitude, stance, angle, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking, interpretation… These are all ways of saying the same thing, that of perspective.

We all need it and can’t possible be striped of it, unless we all go robot like in another dimension. Perspective is what makes everyone so different or alike.  What makes Bobby see the world this way and Sue see it that way? Perspective.  What it all boils down to is that perspective matters a great deal.  There are many factors that make up ones perspective. Childhood, parenting styles, trials, thoughts, emotions, failures, triumphs, you name it, and it probably played a significant part in the total factor.  So what’s the point you ask?

My point is this, how we view the world matters. How you view your neighbor matters, how you view your children, coworkers, a stranger on the street, or the bag lady all matter.  Because in the end, how we view people is how we treat them. Plain and simple.  If you view them with any quality that adds something to your life and with regard, you treat them with such.  If you don’t then well it’s all the same, they are treated justly.  This is why perspective matters.

There is another interesting thing about perspective, it can be a choice. A choice on how you view any one thing regardless of your pervious factors. That is why it’s called a perspective, a point of view of any such belief, or an opinion. How will you choose to react or not react? How will this choice affect another, it’s all a chain reaction steaming from one point of reference, that of perspective.  Lets just hope its more in focus than out.


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The women in the window, why does she stare out so?

Is she depressed, or full of heavy woes?

Has she captured serenity, or is this distress from a foe?

Has misfortune been her confidante, or is it thoughts of a Beau?

How long has it been, since she began?

Was it yesterday, last month or did it start with the loss of a friend?

The light trickled through the weathered pane,

landing gently across the pew, with a sun-kissed stain.

Her eyes gaze deeply, into the shimmer abyss.

Thinking beyond as her forehead and the window-glass kiss.

Grasping her necklace, with her hand on her heart.

The memories drifted and lingered far apart.

As radiance covered all that has been laid bare,

hovering and glowing with a gallant luster glare.

The outside view started to look much more enticing.

Will she go, or return with feelings that are abiding?

To stay or to go is the decision she must make, but standing still is not one to take.


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I am going to discuss one of my visible observances that strikes me to the core….

You see, full disclosure can be therapeutic. As with any price there is always a cost, and then there is always a time of reality in honesty, which stings ………

No wonder this world is in a disarray, acting out like a fatherless child.  The many that were sent out are no different than the ones who they are trying to reach.  If I look in a window to a clothes shop and see that they are selling the same clothes I have on.  I am not going to even think twice about going in, am I?  This diversion of the blind leading the duped has got to stop. The world is laughing at us, when they don’t even want to come around us with a ten foot pole.  Its pretty dismal when anyone, but in particular any form of leadership claims something yet they are everything but that!! Its a mockery and a travesty.  These so called people are the tide turners of the ocean of fish.  They turn the multitudes away!  Now we all have fallen prey to this at one point in time or another, as we claimed one thing and then acted out another, whether it was intentional or not, isn’t the point.  However what does matter is that we recognize where we are standing and how we are perceived by the eyes of others around us, aren’t always seeing the same as the eyes within us.

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There is a strangeness in the air tonight that is static and electrifying.  Kinda like the shock you get when you walk with socks on carpet then touch the light switch or something metal.  This throbbing wooing voice dances throughout the air. I can’t necessarily hear it, but then again, I think I do.  The sensation in my ears tingles and knocks like the utterance of a buckskin drum. Its a summoning to my soul.

I feel like moving, shifting, stirring, awakening something to come alive in me.

I can’t stay put, I must move, do, create, build, form, or fabricate.

Its calling me like a moth to a flame.

This is my destiny I must claim.

I will not stay and go with the flow.

I will not be quieted with the media show.

I will not listen to the lies and backlash.

I will set my focus forward and make a mad dash.

I am repulsed by all the eyes that look up to people and stare,

with their strategy that make us zombies of lust and fanfare.

No more deception and trickery by con-artists and the status of kingpin,

We must find the fighters, warriors and conquerors within.

We can’t just sit back and do nothing with applause,

because not one earthy person is your god.

The world will be that vampire if you let it be.

So stick out your chin and bite something gritty.

But at last there is hope in the end my friend,

if you find solace in grace above all else to ascend……

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