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What consists behind the walls of our masks?
If they could talk would they reveal what is hidden behind the past?

Would the memories speak of laughter and love of a daughter?
Or the wounds and pain of a forgotten slaughter?

Do they cherish the growth of a begotten generation?
Or do they improve the lives and honor of this once great nation?

If these walls were something of good memories,
then cherish them forever as eternal seeds.

If the walls of your shelter were something you rather forget,
please hear this out before you just let it sit.

Can you allow the past to surface and heal?
Would you sit down with your enemy for one last meal?

Can you move on and not let it eat you?
Will you choose to be one of the few?

There’s no use in it, to staying bitter.
As it spoils our minds and dirties our souls with litter.

If we stay locked behind these old walls forever.
We will never be able to cut the chains and sever.

We must let the past be buried where it lies,
move on, forget, and forgive the ties that bind.



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The women in the window, why does she stare out so?

Is she depressed, or full of heavy woes?

Has she captured serenity, or is this distress from a foe?

Has misfortune been her confidante, or is it thoughts of a Beau?

How long has it been, since she began?

Was it yesterday, last month or did it start with the loss of a friend?

The light trickled through the weathered pane,

landing gently across the pew, with a sun-kissed stain.

Her eyes gaze deeply, into the shimmer abyss.

Thinking beyond as her forehead and the window-glass kiss.

Grasping her necklace, with her hand on her heart.

The memories drifted and lingered far apart.

As radiance covered all that has been laid bare,

hovering and glowing with a gallant luster glare.

The outside view started to look much more enticing.

Will she go, or return with feelings that are abiding?

To stay or to go is the decision she must make, but standing still is not one to take.


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There is a strangeness in the air tonight that is static and electrifying.  Kinda like the shock you get when you walk with socks on carpet then touch the light switch or something metal.  This throbbing wooing voice dances throughout the air. I can’t necessarily hear it, but then again, I think I do.  The sensation in my ears tingles and knocks like the utterance of a buckskin drum. Its a summoning to my soul.

I feel like moving, shifting, stirring, awakening something to come alive in me.

I can’t stay put, I must move, do, create, build, form, or fabricate.

Its calling me like a moth to a flame.

This is my destiny I must claim.

I will not stay and go with the flow.

I will not be quieted with the media show.

I will not listen to the lies and backlash.

I will set my focus forward and make a mad dash.

I am repulsed by all the eyes that look up to people and stare,

with their strategy that make us zombies of lust and fanfare.

No more deception and trickery by con-artists and the status of kingpin,

We must find the fighters, warriors and conquerors within.

We can’t just sit back and do nothing with applause,

because not one earthy person is your god.

The world will be that vampire if you let it be.

So stick out your chin and bite something gritty.

But at last there is hope in the end my friend,

if you find solace in grace above all else to ascend……

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This is a stand in for the real 'Annabelle'

Oh Annabelle… was a faithful friend

I could see it in her eyes…

she would of stayed till the end.

But we had to take her back,

on over the hill, the sound gave her a chill

then she was gone, back on her track….

After seeing that, a veil was lifted and  I realized I haven’t been a faithful friend like I thought I perceived all along.  I disillusioned myself thinking I was but mistakenly wasn’t. What I am saying can be on many different levels for many different things but all hold true to a curtain degree.  On this particular point, I would say I have done a below par job on loyalty.  I see that I have been more faithful to some than I should be to ONE thing that matters. Not directly intentional, but then again maybe since I wasn’t living fully like I always say I do, You know the whole ‘relentless commitment’ speal.  I would keep interested for a time, do all the right things but eventually wonder onto other things with my time.  Something never clicked inside of me until I saw her eyes.  I have seen many like it in the past, but this time it was unlike any before. As I ponder back and see her eyes, I know that I haven’t looked that way to HIm in a very long time.  I lost something, something that I must regain.  I must recover whatever that is before it all gets carried away. Carried away and lost forever.

As I look back, I choose at times not to follow my best friend, I got side tracked and off course, the course of my heart.  I looked the other way and lost sight of the light.  And when I did that, thats when the ball started rolling.  I am talking about a fraction of the meter, but FRANKLY it makes all the difference…… I haven”t went wild or crazy, changing my morals or anything, but its my love for Him that faltered. I took him for granted.  It’s like a compass and if the needle is at all off the mark, you will end up not at your desired destination.  My choices were off the mark!

Ironically, having said all of this, I do find solace in the fact that hopefully this time, I will learn my lesson. Now that I am aware of it and accountable, I have no excuses.  Perhaps this to me was the same like the dog, I am able to get back on my path, where I should have been all along.  This is like a allegory of my heart.  The dog was loyal but not to his master.  I was doing my own thing, wondering and got off mark, loyal to others things, but not the ONE TRUE THING THAT MATTERED!!!!

So….Don’t get sidetracked,  don’t get bitter, don’t get lazy. Don’t let man, or anything else faulter your friendship with the only ONE that really matters.

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Coming up only on helium

Coming up empty handed

Does the world know me today?

Did they know me yesterday?

A fraction of what was shown, will be the real show

My past may be too dark of a story,  to let shine or snow.

Perhaps I am in my own illusion.

Perhaps I am in my own apparition.

The reality in my mind, is the same that I want to portray

The outline of my soul is on, for all to display.

Does photosynthesis really convert sugar from the sunlight?

Is there more to the magic wind than flying kites?

Does the sky really reflect the water?

Is there really a secret connection between father and daughter?

Floating around on this chemical romance,

Will we ever find the true face of life’s dance?

Mirroring what we taste,

Craving the supernatural base.

I am bored with what the world loves and craves,

I need a fusion from the true one, who saves.

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A day of RECKONING is coming….

I see a day where the swindlers are found,

where the cheats and the cons are in the light.

Where the music is not a big concert,

and the people come for other than the show.

Where the money does go for the intended purpose,

and where the buildings we gather don’t soak the millions.

Where God is actually the message,

and all learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Where the leaders are just and upright,

where they actually preach what they walk.

Where they are the first to say sorry and admit their errors,

and the last to leave the building.

The time is approaching, when the true prophets will be heard out of the shadows,

and where we only lean on the Voice of God and not man.

A day of retribution is coming!!!

Where the just are found innocent and the wicked hearts doomed.

Where the slanderous tongue is bit by its own venom and swallowed.

Where the Glory of God is the only thing on the throne and before us,

where all we hear is Holy Holy Holy and can truly acknowledge it!!

A day of justice is coming where you will decide which path to follow…

Don’t be a fool and go your own way,

and only listen to yourself and what you have to say.

Today may be to late for you to choose,

you just may wake up and hear “Too bad you loose!”

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