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If you think your vote doesn’t matter, it won’t especially if you don’t voice it. Transfiguration comes as it is consistently worked on, it never happens over night. I never had to fight to vote, nor was I alive during the beginning of the Women’s suffrage movement.  I was born with the right to vote, and in that great blessing, I believe I took it for granted.  My generation and the younger has seemed to be distant from what our elders have fought for.  We have lost track of what our country is based on and the ideals people have fought for since its inception. It never occurred to me as something special that many around the world fight and wage war for.  As for me in particular, I thought that my vote didn’t matter if my choice went against the popular vote and I most surely thought that all politicians are crooks and frauds. It was all a wash anyways, but that is a lie. All votes matter, this is never the way things change. You have to keep pushing. You have to keep working. You have to keep building. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT. Make a stand and live by it. If we never stand up then it will continue to slip away.

As more people sit back in their homes with this way of thinking, it will never improve in any fashion.  The most power comes with numbers, the more voices it has, the stronger it can echo and move through time.  Make a stand and VOTE!



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There is a strangeness in the air tonight that is static and electrifying.  Kinda like the shock you get when you walk with socks on carpet then touch the light switch or something metal.  This throbbing wooing voice dances throughout the air. I can’t necessarily hear it, but then again, I think I do.  The sensation in my ears tingles and knocks like the utterance of a buckskin drum. Its a summoning to my soul.

I feel like moving, shifting, stirring, awakening something to come alive in me.

I can’t stay put, I must move, do, create, build, form, or fabricate.

Its calling me like a moth to a flame.

This is my destiny I must claim.

I will not stay and go with the flow.

I will not be quieted with the media show.

I will not listen to the lies and backlash.

I will set my focus forward and make a mad dash.

I am repulsed by all the eyes that look up to people and stare,

with their strategy that make us zombies of lust and fanfare.

No more deception and trickery by con-artists and the status of kingpin,

We must find the fighters, warriors and conquerors within.

We can’t just sit back and do nothing with applause,

because not one earthy person is your god.

The world will be that vampire if you let it be.

So stick out your chin and bite something gritty.

But at last there is hope in the end my friend,

if you find solace in grace above all else to ascend……

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