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Coming up only on helium

Coming up empty handed

Does the world know me today?

Did they know me yesterday?

A fraction of what was shown, will be the real show

My past may be too dark of a story,  to let shine or snow.

Perhaps I am in my own illusion.

Perhaps I am in my own apparition.

The reality in my mind, is the same that I want to portray

The outline of my soul is on, for all to display.

Does photosynthesis really convert sugar from the sunlight?

Is there more to the magic wind than flying kites?

Does the sky really reflect the water?

Is there really a secret connection between father and daughter?

Floating around on this chemical romance,

Will we ever find the true face of life’s dance?

Mirroring what we taste,

Craving the supernatural base.

I am bored with what the world loves and craves,

I need a fusion from the true one, who saves.


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