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If you think your vote doesn’t matter, it won’t especially if you don’t voice it. Transfiguration comes as it is consistently worked on, it never happens over night. I never had to fight to vote, nor was I alive during the beginning of the Women’s suffrage movement.  I was born with the right to vote, and in that great blessing, I believe I took it for granted.  My generation and the younger has seemed to be distant from what our elders have fought for.  We have lost track of what our country is based on and the ideals people have fought for since its inception. It never occurred to me as something special that many around the world fight and wage war for.  As for me in particular, I thought that my vote didn’t matter if my choice went against the popular vote and I most surely thought that all politicians are crooks and frauds. It was all a wash anyways, but that is a lie. All votes matter, this is never the way things change. You have to keep pushing. You have to keep working. You have to keep building. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT. Make a stand and live by it. If we never stand up then it will continue to slip away.

As more people sit back in their homes with this way of thinking, it will never improve in any fashion.  The most power comes with numbers, the more voices it has, the stronger it can echo and move through time.  Make a stand and VOTE!



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A new season has come, as I have pushed further than I had imagined.  I take delight as it draws on the margin of good. I have seen a side of me that I now know must change. The old vainer has lost its luster and the rust is starting to show.  Life does do its share of wear and tear, as well as to the level we allow it. Nature, nurture, fate, fortune and pecking order all can have its impact too, but in the end it’s what we choose and how we decide and respond will out weigh them all.  We can never change the ones around us, only ourselves.  We have to be willing, open and honest with ourselves on where we are at first and foremost. That’s the beginning in changing in any direction.  If we are constantly nagging and pecking at the ones around us to change, how much more do we need to change within ourselves? Today is a new day, be thankful for where you are, where your going and always enjoy the weather whatever that may be.  May the wind be at your back pushing you onwards!

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I am a firm believer in we create the world around us. Now you might be thinking well just look around, what about this or that and all the tragic things in life that happen to innocent people, how can good people create that? I am not sure anyone really has a fulfilling answer to that question, but sometimes things in life just happen that are out of out control, and bad things at that, and then there are the great things that happen too. But what I learned in all times, is how we deal with them that matters and is what truly makes a difference.  I figure if I am going to be in this world regardless of anything else and have to live in it, well then I want my world around me to be good as much as possible. So If I bless the things in my life, people around me, talk good to them and about them, and love the beauty I see, don’t take it for granted, be thankful for the small things as well as the big things, laugh and love often, smile to people I don’t know, be aware of what comes out of my mouth, and let go of all the negative in any form, then shoot there will be a little more sunshine that’s in this world.  And well even if I didn’t do all of those things correctly, at least I can try to do some right? We could always choose to look around us and see what is missing, but what’s the use in that? What is going right in your world? How about you celebrate that, and then maybe, just maybe you will start to realize more of the right and not be focused on the things that are missing. What you focus on becomes bigger and then all the other stuff seems to fade away or become not as important.

We carry around with us the capability to change the atmosphere we influence. As this life keeps ticking away, it’s becoming older and getting more diluted.  What once stood stoic and strong is now crumbling under our weight.  We need more light bearers; ones that bring joy and hope, and ones that encourage, not ones that tear down, step on and crush everything they see. People if we ever want to become that ‘better than we were’ or that elusive progressive illusion we’re always chasing, then we need to make some big changes and fast; because if we continue down this path, we are destined to become the great ice-cold nation covered in the frost of relativity.

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Life does not owe you anything, it’s a privilege to live and breathe one breath….anything more than that is a gift, not a right.

It’s a sad day when a one of the blessed few get the honor of showing their talent on National TV, only to be very ungrateful and harbor such a sour attitude with resentment because they weren’t in the top ratings.  Since when is it someone’s ‘right’ to be on TV, to be a celebrity, to get the so-called “big break” or get paid generously for what they love to do?  What happened to the days where it was a blessing to have a good job, earn your living with the hard labor of the hands? What ever happened to paying for the meals on your table instead of standing on a corner with a sign? What happened to the times where it was satisfying to go to work and know you were supporting your family or yourself?  What happened to the respect and reverence of the elderly with the wisdom they carried no matter how old or grumpy they got? What happened to actually spending time with friends and family with a good conversation in person and not through using your fingers and typing little letters on a screen? What happened to being able to spank a spoiled child? What happened to children actually being raised by parents while not being left behind or forgotten? Since when is it a right to disregard others property, time and money for the right of your said cause no matter how just it is?  How is it ok to break one amendment for another? How is it ok, to taunt and probe into the faces and pockets of the law-abiding citizens by egging on retaliation, then to turn and point fingers, as if you had no part in it?  Are we all that ignorant to not see history repeating itself? To think that a protest will end in a good result under such circumstances or a peace march will in fact only be carried out in peace? What caused the decaying epidemic of this selfish self-righteousness entitled generation?

The Life values of the past have lost their way and have all since vanished.  I am not so sure the future is brighter.  Unfortunately, some things are truly better left in the past….

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Over these last few years, there has been several parts of me that have been ripped and torn which in turn, pleasantly fertilized me. I have observed a change within myself that for all I know has come ever so slowly. Perhaps it just wasn’t time, or I had thus far to arrive at the place I needed to be, or I  was just not yet ripe.  Whatever the reason for the cause is besides the point.  I am just elated to see a change, for a step that was different than before. I have much more to learn and many more places to go within the depths of my soul, as I ride the sprit. But I would like to allow myself to catalog my passage on my latest short but ‘not lacking any excitement’ journey.

I started to notice a change in my feelings first.  Particularly in the area of being sensitive and crying.  I am not one to do so that much and actually didn’t care for it.  I started noticing it more often and ruled out that it was merely a monthly thing. It was a connection to something much deeper and further into the depths of my soul that I was trying to gain access to for some time.  Somehow unbenawunced to me, I gained the access key and was standing right smack in the middle of the basement that I longed to obtain.  I locked the door and threw away the key many years before, promising never to return.  After some deep searching I realized what I done although a little late, and since have tried to find my way back in.  So many tries and so many fails never proved fruitful, until one beautiful crispy fall day.

I saw the strong reddish pinks and yellow orange glows in the sky, falling in a form of leaves at my feet. It then suddenly dawned on me that I was pass the door that imprisoned me absent for so long.  A delighted grin flashed across my face as I rode the ride further within.  Human feelings follow the same path as the will.  And in this, I believe the first access code came through the truth of my will. This breakthrough started with a crack in that wall.  I for so long, thought that I had relinquished over my will, the true fullness of it. However looking back, I in reality held on to some lingering tail-strings.

I have confidence in, that it wasn’t until when I trudged through the muck and the mire of my own heart that I found the true essence of where my will started and ended.  My spirit then realized that this was the next battlefield.  I wouldn’t be able to continue further until I had victory over releasing the separated strings I held onto in a death grip and allow them to merged back into my full complete will.

Since I wasn’t centered in my own will, these new flares of emotion talked me out of faith and into logic. While being in logic is where I then began to loose the sight of faith.  In the world were reason, rationality, common sense and systematic thought takes full reign, one is forever engaging in a war of relative.  It was then, that I finally grasped the concept, like truly understood the impression this was having on me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times where logic is supreme, needed and very much welcomed. However when it comes to rationality ruling the will, sooner or later it will be snuffed out in a dead end.  God rarely works with a logical plan. Often he tells us things that do not make rational sense.  While it resonates with our inner spirit, it offends our subconscious minds.  Thus, rendering us at a stand off of allowing God to redirect our wills or operating out of our souls. Unfortunately I know this familiar place all too well.

It wasn’t until I stepped off the edge and did something that didn’t make any sense and quite frankly made me nervous,  was I then able to feel the talons that had a grip on me.  Sometimes the will uses our emotions, or sometimes our thinking gets an upgrade, and then there are times when its a power struggle between your will and Gods. It can take a number of these things to reach that place. However, whatever the case, it doesn’t really matter, just that you get there. Get to the place of fully offering your will to God.  God started on me with my will first, then through that he was allowed to renewed my mind, which got ahold of my emotions and then transformed me.

So in the end, what I seemed to notice was the emotional change first, but that was merely a ripple effect from the choices I made before.  A few years ago I overcame the struggle of my mind. A world of second guessing, not able to make decisions, having to be in the know and battling with myself from within. It wasn’t like I set out from the beginning to arrive here. Although it was a deliberate conscious effort on pointing my heart in the right direction.  If I never fully chose to allowed my will to be overtaken by God’s then I would have had an entirely different outcome.  I fully released my will, which then set recovery in motion.

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