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Birds have always been a mainstay in my life, especially the last 5 years or so.  I seem to notice this beautiful exchange when I am in need the most.  It may be coincidental, but even in that I find some meaning. Lately I have had regular visits, from Chickadees, Sparrows, Quail, Ravens, Steller’s Jays, Robins,Vultures, and a mixture of unidentified flyers.  But just like the seasons, my visits seem to ebb and flow from a particular species that want to be that particular seasons constant friend.  I was waiting for my visitors to show up after I put my Hummingbird feeder up, but to no avail they didn’t show.  I was beginning to wonder if perhaps they were not in this area anymore and for what reason that caused them to be absent. The time was growing with no visual, whatsoever. I was just about ready to move the feeder, when something remarkable happened.  I was sitting on my back porch pondering and in deep thought, looking out into the vast wild grass and ponderosa trees beyond the feeder. When suddenly my elusive friend shows his face. He hovered ever so softly above the feeder, flew to the right and back over again then landed and took a drink.  My soul leaped and my spirit awoke.  I knew this meant something.


It is wildly believed that hummingbirds are carriers of ‘this’ world and the ‘other world’. It is also said that it is impossible for this little bird to fly 500 miles in one go, since its tiny body cannot store enough energy for the long journey. Amazingly this bird is unaware of the report and manages to do so nevertheless!! They represent durability, continuity, and endurance, as they are the most prodigious flyers. They can hover, move vertically, or horizontally and even backwards. They can flap their wings faster than any other bird on the planet at a rate of 50-75 times per second. In Brazil, it is known as the ‘passaro beja-flor’, which means ‘flower-kisser sparrow’.

I think the Heavens had a message for me, that when things look impossible, don’t listen to the reports!  Keep on keepin’ on! Keep flying in any direction the wind takes you, in the path that lays before you and calls you by name… go and do the impossible! And then, you just might get a kiss from Heaven.

So every time I see one of these mighty little ones, I lean in a little closer and listen…


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Everyday when I go outside I see the same picture. All the birds in this area conjugate around the sole water fountain for its vital life force. Mostly grackles, but occasionally a few pigeons get thrown in on the action. Its pure survival of the fittest in this supersonic heat wave of a summer. It doesn’t matter if its male or female, they all fight for that coveted spot on top of the fountain.

Birds of a feather, flock together. As indeed they do here, although there can only be one perched on top of the spout. There are many watering spots down below, that can indeed provide adequate water for them, but the most important is the source. It’s the center, the top, the high point… The mighty perch. At this spot you get first dibs, you get the ‘advantage point’ of the lookout and ultimately the power. In this stance, you control everything in the vicinity and jurisdiction of that single area. And the best thing about it is its free, they didn’t have to work for it, they just sit and drink.

I like how they want the high place, and their eagerness to protect their life force from within. Grackles, thanks for the lesson my friends… Well done aviators.

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