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A friend of mine had on her fb status a quote from another stating something to the fact that fear is the antithesis and enemy of love. It got me thinking of a well know blue muppet….Fear is the cookie monster of love.  Just like the Cookie Monster, fear has a voracious appetite.  It sneaks around lingering for its next victim to devour. It preys on the innocent, it preys on the ones who try to protect, it preys on all who are capable.  Fears ‘main course’ is our basic necessity and requirement to survive in this world.  You might not notice from afar, but when you are near, you hear it repeating “Me want Love, Om om om om,  Me want love”.  Fear will eat anything in its path, gobbling everything that lays down in view.  If you let fear creep in, love will disappear and the only evidence you see will be the remaining crumbs of what once was known as love.


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I tell you what, this summer heat sure can do a lot of things to ya, as I’d rather just zonk out with the dog on the couch, but well like most of us, gotta make a living.  The lazy dog summers, remind me of being a kid with pure reckless abandon. I am not talking about the lack of care or honor for people and things,but just the absence of responsibility. Where you could stay out all day at the river, play in the grass with no worries or qualms, or snuggle up with your blankly without a care in the world. It’s nice to have those days every once in a while, because as we get older, somehow they seem to be few and far between… may we all have more lazy dog summers and blankly afternoons…

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