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A smoke signal is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication. It’s a form of visual communication that is used over long distances, usually as far as the eye can see. North American Indians had a vast array of understanding using this complex signaling system. Each tribe has its own signaling system and meaning. How it was done, was a signaler started a fire using damp grass which would cause a column of smoke to rise. The smoke location was very important, for instance if it came halfway up the hill, it would signify all was well, but if it was on top of the hill, it would mean immediate danger. You see, I believe that sometimes The Creator talks to us this way.  He is signaling for our attention. But, do we see it? Most of the time we are too busy, or we ask for a sign and look elsewhere. Sometimes we didn’t ask at all, but our focus was in the wrong direction or perhaps our eyes are looking for it to come in a different shape and we miss it all together. Pay close attention to whats around you, you just never know what might be your next Smoke Signal.


Koosah Falls. The word Koosah is a Chinook word meaning “sky”.


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If you think your vote doesn’t matter, it won’t especially if you don’t voice it. Transfiguration comes as it is consistently worked on, it never happens over night. I never had to fight to vote, nor was I alive during the beginning of the Women’s suffrage movement.  I was born with the right to vote, and in that great blessing, I believe I took it for granted.  My generation and the younger has seemed to be distant from what our elders have fought for.  We have lost track of what our country is based on and the ideals people have fought for since its inception. It never occurred to me as something special that many around the world fight and wage war for.  As for me in particular, I thought that my vote didn’t matter if my choice went against the popular vote and I most surely thought that all politicians are crooks and frauds. It was all a wash anyways, but that is a lie. All votes matter, this is never the way things change. You have to keep pushing. You have to keep working. You have to keep building. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT. Make a stand and live by it. If we never stand up then it will continue to slip away.

As more people sit back in their homes with this way of thinking, it will never improve in any fashion.  The most power comes with numbers, the more voices it has, the stronger it can echo and move through time.  Make a stand and VOTE!


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Life does not owe you anything, it’s a privilege to live and breathe one breath….anything more than that is a gift, not a right.

It’s a sad day when a one of the blessed few get the honor of showing their talent on National TV, only to be very ungrateful and harbor such a sour attitude with resentment because they weren’t in the top ratings.  Since when is it someone’s ‘right’ to be on TV, to be a celebrity, to get the so-called “big break” or get paid generously for what they love to do?  What happened to the days where it was a blessing to have a good job, earn your living with the hard labor of the hands? What ever happened to paying for the meals on your table instead of standing on a corner with a sign? What happened to the times where it was satisfying to go to work and know you were supporting your family or yourself?  What happened to the respect and reverence of the elderly with the wisdom they carried no matter how old or grumpy they got? What happened to actually spending time with friends and family with a good conversation in person and not through using your fingers and typing little letters on a screen? What happened to being able to spank a spoiled child? What happened to children actually being raised by parents while not being left behind or forgotten? Since when is it a right to disregard others property, time and money for the right of your said cause no matter how just it is?  How is it ok to break one amendment for another? How is it ok, to taunt and probe into the faces and pockets of the law-abiding citizens by egging on retaliation, then to turn and point fingers, as if you had no part in it?  Are we all that ignorant to not see history repeating itself? To think that a protest will end in a good result under such circumstances or a peace march will in fact only be carried out in peace? What caused the decaying epidemic of this selfish self-righteousness entitled generation?

The Life values of the past have lost their way and have all since vanished.  I am not so sure the future is brighter.  Unfortunately, some things are truly better left in the past….

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There’s something amazing about trees.  They all have their own individual personalities and character that stand the test of time; throughout centuries, storms and drought. If you look deeper, you will see them. The way they grow, which way they lean, the number of branches, the direction that the moss develops, the foliage around its trunk, and the stretching and swaying of the leaves in the breeze… are all instruments of expressions for the tree.

Many walk by without even thinking twice about it; but just imagine how much history that tree has lived through, seen or soaked up.  I often wonder what secrets it possesses in its shadows.  What mysteries could it unveil and tell? I see them as ancient beings that can offer much more than the clean air we can breathe.  It’s a partnership, a little give and take. For the continued survival of us both, we must not get greedy.

It’s interesting to note that every different species offers a fresh lesson; a different metaphor of a different voice ranging from the sapling to the old growth. Consider the lessons in strength and community demonstrated by the Redwoods, or the extending hand of the baobabs of Africa and India that offer food in their heavy white flowers, or the deep lesson given by the manicured bonsai trees that bring contemplation for the viewer which also displays the ingenuity of the grower.

You see, we must invent, learn and wonder far beyond the barrier that hold us captive. Lets bust far past the concrete walls that stands between us and a new discovery.  Next time you walk past that tree that offers some shade, listen to what it has to say. It just might surprise you…


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 This is what births champions…

NEVER say die… Pressure does ‘indeed’ make us.. 

USA scores first, 90 seconds into the game with a cross into the box, Wambach gives trouble for two defenders and a deflection of their own defense causes a goal. Later with a foul on Wambach, Marta mad at the call yells in Abby’s face to get up, while fuming she even shoves the ref and perhaps even spits on Abby in disgust.  Marta trying to pull calls with whining, attempts to make something out of nothing instead of playing the ball. A red card is given on a clear challenge by Beuhler on Marta in the box in the second half, where Marta obviously flopped and was waiting and once again prying for a foul.  She gets the call for a PK and therefor the USA was forced to play down one player the rest of the game. All of the stadium in Dresden even knew it was a botched call and a blatant flop as every time Marta touched the ball from then on, ‘BOOs’ would roar and be heard from the crowd.

HOPE saves the mighty PK, only to be told it was encroaching, so she gets a yellow card.  They get to re-kick the PK even though she never came off her line!!!  Marta takes the next one, it goes in… They are tied 1-1 at end of regulation.  In overtime, Marta gets another goal by a flick across goal with a generous bounce. 2-1 Brazil.  With seconds only left of the match, Rapinoe assists the latest goal in all of World Cup history. (in stoppage time in the extra time (120+2). Rapinoes perfect cross into Wambach feeds her with a solid header into the net…goal.  Tied 2-2.  It will go to shoot out PK’s.  After 2 kicks each, its 2-2, Hope saves the third kick, and all we have to do is make last two shots.  We do!!! We are going onto the Semi-finals!!

After playing most of the second half down a man and also the extra 30, against one of the top contending teams of the tournament, we showed what it means to play all or nothing. It’s only fitting to finally end with a win on our terms, on our time and not have the blown calls dictate the final outcome of the match.

Even after the worst refereeing ever, (probably one of the worst in Women’s World Cup history), 12 years ago to the day, back in ’99, we went to PK’s and won (5-4) against China PR to win the finals.  So the fighting spirit of the USA and this team shall continue to fight once again.  Never quiet, never say never, never give up.  Pressure makes us indeed!!

We all need to boycott the flopping, below par sportsmanship and lack of class from some of the Brazilians (or any team for that matter) but especially from their star player, Marta. It shouldn’t matter how good you are, if you’re the best player in the world or the worst, if you are not going to play with class, your seat belongs on the sidelines!!! You taint the beautiful game.  I would say for a game that is supposed to be wonderful and great, the flopping, complaining, bad sportsmanship, and the botched refereeing, with all the uncalled for cards, and the on/off side missed calls; this game from the Brazilian side will go down as anything but BEAUTIFUL…

 In order to keep this game really ‘jogo bonito’, politics, corruption and payoffs must be left off the field and it has to be left up to the players to decide who’s better that day; period!

All photos thanks to AP/Getty


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I am not sure what’s all the ruckus is about.  Just about five minutes after coming into the second half, Rapinoe smashed a long drive whooshing by the goalie into the net from just outside the goal box.  In celebration she ran to the opposite corner and sang in the fuzzy pitchside microphone the line “Born in the USA” to Springsteen’s tune. Now some are saying that Americans don’t really truly understand the meaning of the song, and that the real meaning of the lyrics are about the war.  I am questioning just this though, what if Rapinoe just sang it for merely the fact of what she sang, She is PROUD to be born in the USA. Not signaling anything other than the fact that the Women’s National Team does indeed have something to be proud about, playing for a country, playing for a team, playing for yourself.  First coming off of a rocky start to qualify into the World Cup as well as playing as underdogs for a team that is actually labeled #1 in the world. They are playing for the honor and respect to wear the red white and blue on their sleeve, to show some reverence to the great nation that birthed them. There is nothing wrong with that….

Photos: AP, Getty Images

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What consists behind the walls of our masks?
If they could talk would they reveal what is hidden behind the past?

Would the memories speak of laughter and love of a daughter?
Or the wounds and pain of a forgotten slaughter?

Do they cherish the growth of a begotten generation?
Or do they improve the lives and honor of this once great nation?

If these walls were something of good memories,
then cherish them forever as eternal seeds.

If the walls of your shelter were something you rather forget,
please hear this out before you just let it sit.

Can you allow the past to surface and heal?
Would you sit down with your enemy for one last meal?

Can you move on and not let it eat you?
Will you choose to be one of the few?

There’s no use in it, to staying bitter.
As it spoils our minds and dirties our souls with litter.

If we stay locked behind these old walls forever.
We will never be able to cut the chains and sever.

We must let the past be buried where it lies,
move on, forget, and forgive the ties that bind.


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