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Have you ever had a friend that gave so much that you weren’t sure you were able to match? Or one that was there for you when ever you needed them, through the sorrowful nights when your heart ached and the night was blue? When your soul was lonely and you didn’t know what else to do but sit alone in a darkened room?  Or perhaps a friend that was with you sharing your high points rejoicing in the euphoria? Taylor was that for me.  She was there, through thick and thin.  I dreamt of one day having a friend like her and on one wintry day 9 years ago she walked into my life.  But just like she entered she had to exit. Sadly the time had come for her to walk out and bless someone else with her presence.  Thanks for being such a gift, literally.  Your exit came at a time that offered its hand further than I knew.  Adios amigo!


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