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It’s strange how, sometimes when we are in a hurry for things they seem to last longer. Ever notice when you’re late for work and you hit all the red lights? But when your never in a hurry it goes so smooth and you always seem to manage to time them just right and glide past with every green?  Waiting defiantly has its pros and cons.  It makes people learn critical lessons, such as patience, diligence, honor, accountability, or humility.  Waiting is a true virtue.  Most things never need to be done in haste.  Even if we could hold our tongues ten seconds longer before we speak, we would save a lot of regret or heartache. I for one, need to learn more on not just going with the first thought or desire after making up my mind. It could only help me to just sit, relax and ponder a little more before I jump in or choose.

It wouldn’t kill us at all to hold our heads high, point our heads up and hold on a little longer….


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