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Everyday when I go outside I see the same picture. All the birds in this area conjugate around the sole water fountain for its vital life force. Mostly grackles, but occasionally a few pigeons get thrown in on the action. Its pure survival of the fittest in this supersonic heat wave of a summer. It doesn’t matter if its male or female, they all fight for that coveted spot on top of the fountain.

Birds of a feather, flock together. As indeed they do here, although there can only be one perched on top of the spout. There are many watering spots down below, that can indeed provide adequate water for them, but the most important is the source. It’s the center, the top, the high point… The mighty perch. At this spot you get first dibs, you get the ‘advantage point’ of the lookout and ultimately the power. In this stance, you control everything in the vicinity and jurisdiction of that single area. And the best thing about it is its free, they didn’t have to work for it, they just sit and drink.

I like how they want the high place, and their eagerness to protect their life force from within. Grackles, thanks for the lesson my friends… Well done aviators.


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A few of my little favorites include:

  • BrushesLoew-Cornell Comfort- come in a variety of sizes. Brushes are made of a blended soft Taklon, which add significant spring and durability. Use them for acrylic, oil, and watercolor, and multiple media. Blick Masterstroke long handle-pure red sable tuft, professional quality, lower price. 
  • Paints: A load of acrylic variety name brand paints to choose from. Dick Blick’s, Winsor and Newton, Chroma, Academy Acrylic and Tri Art, just to name a few.  All have their benefits depending on the effects wanted; Interactive, heavy, bold impasto effects, smooth, you name it.
  • The masters brush cleaner and preserver– a solid all around basic brush cleaner and conditioner. Acrylic, watercolor, oil

Go get yours today….

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I tell you what, this summer heat sure can do a lot of things to ya, as I’d rather just zonk out with the dog on the couch, but well like most of us, gotta make a living.  The lazy dog summers, remind me of being a kid with pure reckless abandon. I am not talking about the lack of care or honor for people and things,but just the absence of responsibility. Where you could stay out all day at the river, play in the grass with no worries or qualms, or snuggle up with your blankly without a care in the world. It’s nice to have those days every once in a while, because as we get older, somehow they seem to be few and far between… may we all have more lazy dog summers and blankly afternoons…

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Attitude, stance, angle, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking, interpretation… These are all ways of saying the same thing, that of perspective.

We all need it and can’t possible be striped of it, unless we all go robot like in another dimension. Perspective is what makes everyone so different or alike.  What makes Bobby see the world this way and Sue see it that way? Perspective.  What it all boils down to is that perspective matters a great deal.  There are many factors that make up ones perspective. Childhood, parenting styles, trials, thoughts, emotions, failures, triumphs, you name it, and it probably played a significant part in the total factor.  So what’s the point you ask?

My point is this, how we view the world matters. How you view your neighbor matters, how you view your children, coworkers, a stranger on the street, or the bag lady all matter.  Because in the end, how we view people is how we treat them. Plain and simple.  If you view them with any quality that adds something to your life and with regard, you treat them with such.  If you don’t then well it’s all the same, they are treated justly.  This is why perspective matters.

There is another interesting thing about perspective, it can be a choice. A choice on how you view any one thing regardless of your pervious factors. That is why it’s called a perspective, a point of view of any such belief, or an opinion. How will you choose to react or not react? How will this choice affect another, it’s all a chain reaction steaming from one point of reference, that of perspective.  Lets just hope its more in focus than out.


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