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Coming up only on helium

Coming up empty handed

Does the world know me today?

Did they know me yesterday?

A fraction of what was shown, will be the real show

My past may be too dark of a story,  to let shine or snow.

Perhaps I am in my own illusion.

Perhaps I am in my own apparition.

The reality in my mind, is the same that I want to portray

The outline of my soul is on, for all to display.

Does photosynthesis really convert sugar from the sunlight?

Is there more to the magic wind than flying kites?

Does the sky really reflect the water?

Is there really a secret connection between father and daughter?

Floating around on this chemical romance,

Will we ever find the true face of life’s dance?

Mirroring what we taste,

Craving the supernatural base.

I am bored with what the world loves and craves,

I need a fusion from the true one, who saves.


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I heard in a movie once “anyone who is worth spending your life with is worth fighting for”… and it got me thinking…. if this is true, how come many others don’t see it??

What does it mean to fight?  The dictionary says its to take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons, to quarrel or to argue?  Is this what it truly means? These are both definitions of what a fight could be and is, but its seems to be so much more than that. Having said that, life is such a fight.  Fighting constantly for our place in this world.  For standing up for our own rights, for allowing our voice to be heard, for not becoming a door mat, for doing what is right, or for using verbal weapons against injustice.  Everyone of us fights everyday, throwing those physical blows day in and day out in the world we live. So why should we not fight for the one’s we love even more? I am sure some do, and some do fight hard, but the harsh reality is that I am finding more and more fighting for the wrong causes.  Fighting for momentarily gain, for fleshy desire, something to fulfill that lifelong dream but done in rash timing, or some status or position.

What we really need, is to go back to the source of the desire, of this push that is pulling us somewhere else and find the true cause of it.  If we root it out like a bad weed and find the roots of where they are connected and how, then they can be properly destroyed.  I would sure hope, no one wants to follow a knowingly false desire.

Nevertheless, many give up before this radical exchange takes place.  Many stop right before the finnish line, before they ever get there.  It could be a fear of failure so they quit prematurely on their own accord so they have control, or they just can’t muster up the strength to fight an ounce more, or perhaps they are blinded by a lie they swallowed as truth.  Which ever the reason of the many possible one’s, the sad reality is that many quit before they ever get there.  But how can we ever expect a different outcome if we give up prematurely? Nothing was ever won by giving up, by not fighting for a rightful cause, by not crossing that finnish line.  This brings me back to my beginning statement, if its worth having, it will and must be worth fighting for.  They will both come hand in hand, there is no exceptions to this rule.  I am not only talking about the hard side of the fight, but the virtuous side of it.  There really is beauty in the ashes as well as beauty in the fight.

May we all continue the ‘beautiful fight’ and never give up before our time…..

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