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A day of RECKONING is coming….

I see a day where the swindlers are found,

where the cheats and the cons are in the light.

Where the music is not a big concert,

and the people come for other than the show.

Where the money does go for the intended purpose,

and where the buildings we gather don’t soak the millions.

Where God is actually the message,

and all learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Where the leaders are just and upright,

where they actually preach what they walk.

Where they are the first to say sorry and admit their errors,

and the last to leave the building.

The time is approaching, when the true prophets will be heard out of the shadows,

and where we only lean on the Voice of God and not man.

A day of retribution is coming!!!

Where the just are found innocent and the wicked hearts doomed.

Where the slanderous tongue is bit by its own venom and swallowed.

Where the Glory of God is the only thing on the throne and before us,

where all we hear is Holy Holy Holy and can truly acknowledge it!!

A day of justice is coming where you will decide¬†which path to follow…

Don’t be a fool and go your own way,

and only listen to yourself and what you have to say.

Today may be to late for you to choose,

you just may wake up and hear “Too bad you loose!”


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I am no Houdini nor Buddha… You can’t rub my tummy like a magical genie and think poof your wish is granted. I am not on call, at your disposal, and I have feelings, wishes, dreams just like the best of men. I am a regular ordinary joe, on this one aspect.

Its a little bothersome that people don’t try to get to know one another. They assume they know you for what you appear to be. As assuming makes a ass out of you and me. No one can read a book by its cover. We all have to read every word on every page to feel what the book has to offer, to actually know the book. And even then, the characters can and do surprise us. How much different are we than a character described in a book? Yes true, they could be ‘biased’ off a real person, as thats my point.

I am talking about putting people in little boxes, and presuming, they are this type of personality, or this type. Or they fit in this category or that. Everyone is so different there aren’t two molds of the same. And if people really truly believed that, like the whole snowflake theory, then people would be treated as such. Just because you know their family, or their background or some of their life story doesn’t mean your allegations on them are correct nor your read on their ‘book’. And even if you have indeed literally read their memoir, you don’t live inside their brain, so back off Sherlock on your presumptions. Many do this, as my guilt is included but I have come to a realization it doesn’t feel good when it happens first hand, so therefor I must not do the dishing.

I must not conclude that A always leads to B nor Z back to A. There are many ways on how a egg is cooked and in so, many ways that people can turn out even in the most ideal circumstances. All I ask is that I am given a fair chance to prove myself. To show who I am without any judgements, thoughts or ideals. That your vision not be tainted by your thoughts or your own perfect vision. That your past stay there and now its time to create a new history. A new beginning on the hearts of people. But I am afraid this is too much to ask.

Judging is indeed one thing, a beast all on its own; as it can be cloned off as discernment, which is then used as its ‘little’ partner in crime. Discernment in it’s real and organic form can be very pure, but somehow many manage to blur the lines of their own reaction and feelings and label it as such discernment when in reality it is just their own diluted judgement. And of course there is alway a flip side, yes the first gut feeling of discernment could be correct, but don’t go patting yourself on the back too quickly. Next time could just be the complete opposite and you could be just seeing your own reckoning. So in this conclusion, assuming would just makes an ASS out of YOU and me. Which makes no one a winner in the end. Period.

……..But then again, sometimes the things we don’t want to hear are the best thing for us.

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