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It was a radical vigorous portal into the abyss… it called me, it beckoned me, it sucked me in…

It came as a small touch, I could have brushed it off and went on my way.  But there is a decision one is to make, to press into it or continue on in their own way.  Some of these experiences or encounters are very strange and can be off the wall odd, but its not a poll to see what’s normal, its a showing of the heart.  Do we really want to be changed and never the same? Do we really want to be encountered by the Creator?  There is a meeting place, a trade that takes place, sometimes quietly and in the quietness of our hearts and minds, or sometimes it is erratically displayed in the open,  which ever one is the case it still boils down to the condition of the heart.

We must except it, we must push into it, we must follow it.  Accept the touch, the push, the pull…. the pull into the portal of the Heaven where God resides, and the meeting place of earth.  Where the glory dwells.  Its pure beauty and wonder.

We have to be willing to give our whole self, not just a part of it, and keep the rest for ourselves. The Creator will never take our wills, without us giving it to him… He quietly awaits till we are ready, if we ever are.  But those that experience the ecstasies are those that are willing to go there, to be that person flopping on the floor, or sobbing in a monastic room, the ones that don’t care what a touch looks like or the timing of it.   Its not about us, its about the relationship of love, and when we get touched by it, we are fundamentally changed forever. A rigorous exchange that is scary beautiful.


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